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  • The picturesque harbor with the blinding turquoise colors is adorned by the freshly painted fishing boats. This island is the smallest of the Cyclades (3.5 km²) and the only one (out of two) that has permanent residents. It is almost flat with its highest peak that of the Prophet Elijah (100 m).
  • Folk Museum

    The museum was created in 2011 at the initiative of the then Head of the new municipality of Koufonisia, Antonis Koveos......
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  • Cars are unnecessary here as almost all distances can be covered on foot or by bicycle. Next to the main beach we will find a shop that rents bicycles by day.
  • Karnayo (Dockyard)

    This is where repair and maintenance of sea vessels is done. The Koufonisia own the largest fishing fleet in Greece in proportion to their population. There used to be two dockyards on the island...
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  • Very close to the harbor, in front of the only settlement on the island, Chora, we find the main beach, Ammos, with white sand and emerald waters! After swimming we will enjoy good food at one of the seaside taverns.
  • Windmills

    The main occupation of the islanders used to be the production of basic commodities for their families.One of these was wheat.For grinding this into flour there were two windmills, which to this day stand proudly and adorn Koufonisi.
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  • Pisina

    A natural swimming pool awaits you in the eastern part of the island. Walking along the cliff path towards the east, past Platia Pounda beach and before you get to Pori beach, about halfway, you will find a large rock pool, big enough for several people to swim in.
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  • To Mati Tou Diavolou cave

    Just before you get to Pori beach on the cliff path, at the cape at the end of the cove, there is a small cave called Devil’s Eye (To Mati Tou Diavolou)
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  • The path that takes you at the settlement begins on the main beach. A delicious cheese pie with fresh local cheese from the Bakery that you find along the way is exactly what you need! If you come here in the morning, everything moves at a quieter pace.
  • The top of the hill is adorned by the church of St. George (patron saint of the island). After crossing the main alley we start to descend towards the rear port. At the pier the fishermen cast their nets... Across us we can see Kato Koufonissi. On the right, on the edge of the creek, is the mill and below
  • At night, the alley changes its "face" and becomes filled with people and happy voices. The picturesque taverns, the tsipouro taverns, the café - bars and the souvlaki shop on the corner... spread their tables along this narrow road. The Outdoor Folk Museum is also here.
  • The caves at Xylobatis Cove

    North of Pori, at a distance of about 150m is the rocky cove of Xylobatis. There are two caves inside it on the right hand side, one with two entrances, the other with only one...
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  • Tripiti or Gala

    An enormous hole in the ground containing a beach. Gala is located on the Pori peninsula, on the left hand end of the cove.
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Koufonisia indeed has some of the best beaches in Greece. Pori, Gala,italida and Nero are wonderful to swim and lay on the soft sand all day. It is very easy to go to the beaches, as taxi boats make tours every day. Or you can try walking