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Aeris measures for covid-19

General Hygiene

  • Our team will be using masks,gloves,face shields and robes while cleaning your houses in order to adapt to the latest hygiene protocols and keep you safe.
  • All staff must undergo mandatory temperature checks before their shifts
  • High-risk areas and all high-volume touchpoints, e.g. lift buttons, catering areas, surfaces, handrails, doorknobs, toilets, entrances/exits, etc,are cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate and certified cleaning/sanitizing materials and products regularly.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all public areas.
  • All guest rooms are disinfected after every checkout and not just cleaned. We use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives,with particular attention paid to high-touch items.
  • Guests will receive info about the cleaning status of their room.(time of cleaning, cleaning method, and product certification)

Private Pools

  • pool chlorine content will be kept at the range of 1-3 mg/lt and measured every 4 hours
  • Pool Ph will be measured every 8 hours
  • sunbeds ,sunbeds towels and outdoor furniture will be cleaned after our guest departure, using steam cleaner (steam temperature >70 celsius)  

Pick up & Transportation

  • Upon your arrival we will meet you at the port .
  • After applying a luggage sanitization protocol we will transfer those  by car at our appartments and we will escort you there as well by foot.
  • Walking Distance, is about 150 meters

Linen Cleaning

  • we carry used linen in appropriate labeled bags, to our washing machines
  • We do not send our laundry to an outsourcing washing service.We do it in-house , using certified and appropriate cleaning products 


  • All staff have undergone training regarding COVID-19 (What is it? What are the symptoms? How to avoid infection?, the importance of good hygiene, precautionary measures for guests, precautionary measures to be undertaken)


  • Please take a moment and submit your personal data to the following link. Its essential in order to trace back our guests in case it is needed